This website is intended to be a tool to help people provide feedback and suggestions on a number of LANDFIRE data products in a guidebook structure for possible future improvement to the LANDFIRE data. People can also continue to provide feedback as they have in the past through the LANDFIRE Helpdesk.


Comments you submit NOW about the Update 2014 layers will be used for improvement and evaluation of the Remap layers and subsequent updates.


The LANDFIRE Program has experienced first-hand the value of feedback and engagement during the calibration workshops and information available in the Alaska Fire Behavior Fuel Model (FBFM) (link to Alaska guidebook ) guidebook as well as direct communication with specialists reviewing vegetation during LANDFIRE National (LF2001) production work as well as fire regime data products along with quantitative state and transition models as part of that mapping effort. Feedback and suggestions may help improve the remap project and enhance future updates to data products.


To get an account set up so you can proved feedback on the LANDFIRE vegetation and fire behavior fuel products, please send an email to: landfire@northwestknowledge.net.

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