Capturing Map Data for Comment Form

Submitted by nknadmin on Mon, 06/15/2020 - 22:46

If you are logged in to the system, you have the ability to submit comments on vegetation types or fuel models listed in a certain area by the map system. When logged in, there is a form displayed under the map that has inputs for Zone Name and Number, EVT Code (EVT map), Fuel Model (FBFM-40 map), Latitude, Longitude, User Analysis (why the user believes the displayed data is incorrect), and a section to write a comment. The map system is able to automatically fill out the Zone Name and Number, EVT Code (EVT map), Fuel Model (FBFM-40 map), Latitude, and Longitude based on data from the map.

To use this feature, first select a zone (using one of the methods in the "Selecting a Zone" section). Then select either a vegetation type (EVT map) or Fuel Model (FBFM-40 map) to display locations of the selected item on the map. At this point, based on user analysis, if you would like to make a comment about the vegetation type or fuel model of one of the displayed pixels, you can use the automated system to help fill out the form.

First click on the menu button on the top right portion of the map (three horizontal bars).


menu button

Then click on the "Capture Data Button," which has a smaller circle inside a bigger circle.

capture data button


Then click on a pixel on the map that the user would like to make a comment about.

data pixel

The corresponding parts of the form are automatically filled out for the user. In this case, the selected pixel is in the "Northern Cascades" zone, which is zone number 1. The latitude and Longitude of the pixel are transferred to the form, along with the EVT Code or Fuel Model name.


picture of form filled out

You still need to fill out the "User Analysis" and "Comment" sections at this point. Then you can upload a related file or image that supports your comments and any analyses you may have done.