Making A Comment About FBFM Ruleset (Change Form Button)

The LANDFIRE system allows the user to make comments about the FBFM Ruleset tables for each zone. To use this comment form, the user must be on the EVT map page. 

  1. On the EVT page, expand the map menu by clicking on the "Menu" button in the top right of the map:


  2. On the EVT map, there is an extra button called "Change Forms." Click on this button to switch between the EVT Comment Form and the FBFM Ruleset Comment Form. 



  3. Under the map, the FBFM Ruleset Comment Form will be displayed instead of the EVT Comment Form. 



  4. By selecting a zone (See Selecting a Zone section), and selecting an EVT type (see Selecting A Vegetation Type section), two tables will display with statistics for each zone about the selected EVT type. One of these tables is the FBFM Ruleset table. 



  5. When an EVT is selected, and a zone has already been selected, the "Ruleset" table will automatically be added to the FBFM Ruleset Comment Form below the map. The user can download this table in .CSV file format, and opened in Microsoft Excel (or other spreadsheet program like LibreOffice's Calc) and edited. Download the table by clicking on the "Export data into Excel" link above the table.




  6. Edit the file in Excel (or other spreadsheet program), save the file, and upload the file in the "Related File or Image" part of the form.



  7. Submit the comment.