Selecting Adjacent Zones

Submitted by nknadmin on Mon, 06/15/2020 - 22:44

You can select two adjacent zones with tools provided.  

Clicking the Tool Menu (3 black lines), opens 4 tools.    

Clicking the Select Adjacent Tool (4 black squares), then draw a box across area of interest.

description of menu items


1. Select a zone (see Selecting a Zone section).

2. Select a vegetation type (EVT map) or a fuel model (FBFM40 map).

3. Click and drag the mouse (hold the left mouse button) to draw a rectangle selector over the border of two adjacent zones.

adjacent zone selection

4. Release the left mouse button, and tables with data from both zones will appear.

results table


If more than two zones are selected, then the page will display an alert asking the user to only select two zones.