Using the Heatmap

Submitted by nknadmin on Tue, 06/16/2020 - 09:37

The heatmap allows the user to see what locations comments have been submitted. The heatmap system will give a general count of how many comments have been selected for that zone (via a variable size red and blue circle), as well as coordinates for location specific comments, which are identified by a blue "pin" on the map. 


By default, the system loads an aggregation of all four comment types together: comments from the EVT map page, FBFM40 map page, Disturbance map page, and the FBFM Ruleset comment form (located on the EVT map page by pressing the "Change Forms" button). 

The user can view each set of comments separately too by selecting the corresponding radio button in the "Select a Comment Type" selection tool in the top left of the map system.

heatmap comment selection


By clicking the "Enable Popups" button in the map's menu, then clicking the "Comment" button, then the user can see specific submitted comment data. 

heatmap menu


Now, by clicking on one of the blue "pins" on the map, the submitted data for that comment is displayed:

heamap comment view

This specific comment is about the misclassification of an area. By zooming in, we can investigate further:

heatmap zoomed in comment

It appears this location has been catgetorized as water. By switching to the "Satellite" basemap we can investigate this classification further:

satellite view


The open field is similar in color to the neighboring river, which probably has something to do with the miscategorization.

We can also use the layer query functionality to see the current EVT classification. By clicking on the "Layers" button in the "Enable Popups" menu area, then clicking next to the area of interest, the user can see which vegetation type the mapping system has classified that area as. 


heatmap comment query